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The market situation:

The purification of active pharmaceutical compounds is always a crucial milestone. For instance, the extraction of a therapeutic biomolecule (protein, peptide...) from its culture medium and the elimination of impurities represents more than 80% of active pharmaceutical compounds manufacturing cost.


Nowadays, biopurification are managed by chromatography, which composes approximately  20% of the global market of separations. Despite of the high performance level of continuous chromatography technologies ("Multiple Column Chromatography", "Simulated Moving Bed"), these devices suffer from very high CAPEX and OPEX, heavy maintenance and strong environmental factor. The current trend in the pharmaceutical world is to develop alternative purification methodologies that are more efficient, sustainable, and cheaper. In light of the latter, in November 2017 in Lisbon took place the symposium "Anything but Chromatography" and was dedicated to innovative separation processes.


This indeed shows the growing importance of finding new solutions.


Our solution:

As a green, innovative and cost-oriented solution provider, IPSOMEL is fully committed to the development of efficient and suitable methodologies to purify chemical and biochemical molecules.


Our device is the product of the combination of continuous process and  electrophoresis, a very old bio separation technique. Free Flow Electrophoresis is a continuous flow and miniaturised technology used a lot for the ANALYSIS of proteins. IPSOMEL's apparatus allowed to consider PREPARATIVE purification by the traditional numbering up strategy. Free Flow Electrophoresis is a quick, low cost, flexible and environmentally-safe methodology. Our device proved its efficiency in the purification of 4 pharmaceutical proteins.

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